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The Law Commissions’ Report Stated That Legal Changes Are Required For self-driving Car

In the era of self-driving cars, legal developments become

Because human drivers shouldn't be responsible for road safety in the era of driver cars.

Experts said lawmakers should get on the definition of autonomous driving.

The Legal Commissions of England, Wales and have shared a report on the legal responsibilities of when driving a driverless car. 

The report mentioned that the driver should be redefined as a “responsible user” in these cars. In the event of a problem, the responsible car manufacturing company rather than the driver.
However, the difference between self-driving and driver assistance functions must be clearly mentioned by the company.



 Director of Research Strategy  at Thatcham Matthew Avery, said:  "We welcome those who are forcing  car manufacturers to use terminology when marketing  these systems , in order to prevent motorists from being convinced that their car is  fully autonomous than it is not.  

 Over the next 12 months we  will likely see the first iterations of  self-driving features on the UK.  
 Matthew also said:  "It is significant that the  Law Commission is highlighting the legalities of the driver and the way  he must that his vehicle is not yet fully autonomous."  

 The UK Department of Transport  licensed automated lane keeping devices last year.
 Thanks to this system  ALKS, the driver does not have to monitor the road  or keep his hands on the steering wheel.
 But the Law Commission report  has a series of regulatory frameworks for automated vehicles.

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