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Jamie Foxx Bought a $1.7 Million Home for His Daughter, But Suri Cruise Isn’t Too Happy About It

Is there anything as befuddling as Jamie Foxx's relationship circumstance? The entertainer and artist has been "leading on" Katie Holmes for the beyond couple of years, and the main individuals who plainly comprehend what's happening there are both of them.


As we introduced the new year, this "perhaps couple" was spending special times of year together on a yacht, driving everybody to feel that 2019 would be the year Foxx at last chose to focus on Holmes completely. In any case, learn to expect the unexpected. How wrong we were!

Various Women Each Time

The man has been spotted routinely with an alternate lady close by each time, including Jessica Szohr. To make an already difficult situation even worse, Foxx nonchalantly dropped the stunner that he was single during the Oscars, sending us into one more befuddling voyage.

In Spring, in any case, the paparazzi spotted him having a great time with Holmes, and we totally had no clue about what to think about it. Absolutely confounding, correct?

Come April, and word on the road was that Jamie Foxx was leaving behind a lot of cash on the record of an extraordinary somebody. Who might the individual at any point have been?

Ends up, it was Kristin Grannis, his ex and mom to his little girl Annalise. Jamie purchased the two a $1.7 million house, and who might blame him for that? He just had his girl's wellbeing on a basic level.

Tragically, talk had it that there was really somebody disagreeing with this - Suri Journey. On the off chance that you have no clue about what this' identity is, she's Katie Holmes' 12-year-old girl. No different either way, she wasn't precisely frantic that Jamie had purchased his ex a house, yet rather what he means for her mother.

As indicated by an anonymous source, Suri's age permits her to get a handle on a ton, and something that madden her incidentally turns out to be Jamie Foxx's ceaseless show and the way that her mom is dependably available to his no matter what.

As the source kept on making sense of, Suri would have favored not managing all that showed up with having the entertainer cum artist in her mother's call.

Be that as it may, how solid was this source? Bravo detailed that this source might not have been one to be accepted, guaranteeing that Jamie Foxx had been the mentor present in Suri Voyage's life when her genuine father, Tom Journey, had been long gone.

Dependable Father

No different either way, the way that the man purchased his child mom and little girl a house demonstrated that he is for sure a dependable father and that he is pursuing developing a superior relationship with both of them.

Back in 2017, Richard, Grannis' father, owned up to Radar that his girl's relationship with Jamie Foxx was progressively becoming tense, generally because of the man's numerous different connections. In the event that you were Grannis, you'd disagree with such a circumstance as well, couldn't you?

As Richard made sense of, what made it considerably more muddled was the way that Annalise was getting a few things, and all the show was very pointless for the small child. After two years, it appears Jamie Foxx is attempting to redress his slip-ups, and doing that is rarely past the point of no return.

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