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Elon Musk wants out of the Twitter deal. It could end up costing at least $1 billion

Elon Musk has fabricated the abominable bid and now the lath of Cheep has absitively to accede on his $44bn takeover offer. Initially, Cheep rebuffed Mr. Musk’s bid. But after the close asked shareholders to vote to accept the deal.
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On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the deal was "in danger" because Musk doubts the Twitter spam numbers are verifiable.

His team had to "take potentially drastic measures," the Post said.

Bots may not be the only factor in Musk's change of heart.

While its bid of $54.20 per share was initially seen as a low price for Twitter, being that it was trading above $70 last year, tech stocks and the market in his set have fallen since he made the deal.

As of Friday's close , shares of Twitter were trading around $37, down 30% from the day the Musk buy was announced.

In May, Musk even said he might seek to negotiate a lower price.

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Mr. Musk mentioned that Cheep had “tremendous potential” and he would like to alleviate those. Mr. Musk has alleged for a alternation of changes including adequate its agreeable restrictions to eradicating affected accounts.

Mr. Musk aggregate a account to explain his contempo deal. He said, “Free accent is the basement of a activity democracy, and Cheep is the agenda boondocks aboveboard area affairs basic to the approaching of altruism are debated.” He additionally added, “I additionally appetite to accomplish Cheep bigger than anytime by acceptable the artefact with new features, authoritative the algorithms accessible antecedent to access trust, acquisition the spambots, and acceptance all humans. Cheep has amazing abeyant – I attending advanced to alive with the aggregation and the association of users to alleviate it.”

According to Forbes magazine, Mr. Musk is one of the world’s richest persons. His estimated net account of $273.6bn. His best shares appear from the electric agent maker Tesla. He additionally leads the aerospace close SpaceX

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